The 13 absolute best shop names in Ireland

first_imglinoritchie.ieFinglas’s finest floors.3. Argue & Phibbs, SolicitorsFlickr/nicksarebiSadly no longer a feature of Sligo town. But we couldn’t leave it out.2. Poultry In MotionBased out of Rathcoole, Co Dublin. Bringing… poultry… to wherever you are.1. Big Mickey YESTERDAY, WE ASKED you whether Dublin’s Knobs and Knockers was the best shop name in Ireland.Let’s just say that the response was big. We’ve combed through your submissions to compile this somewhat-definitive list.Really, there could only be one winner.Here, in reverse order, are the 13 most awesome shop names (OK, with a few other business names too) in Ireland:13. Curl Up & DyeStraight outta Drumcondra. What is it with hairdressers and puns?12. I Got WormsIf there’s a better-named fishing tackle shop in Limerick (or anywhere), we want to hear about it.11. Cod AlmightyFacebookCarlow’s finest chipper. (In name terms, anyway.)10. SofantasticSofantastic that it shut down.*sob*9. Paddy FieldBecause it’s an Irish Chinese takeaway… (in Monkstown, Dublin)8. Thai TanicSome might argue that this Belfast restaurant’s name is in poor taste.We would argue that that is irrelevant.7. Chipsy KingsWell done, Cork. Well done.6. The Camán InnCloghan, Co Offaly may be a small place. But it DOES have this incredible pub name.5. Only Foals and HorsesOK, not strictly a shop. More of a stud farm in Kildare. But COME ON.4. Lino Ritchie bigmickey.ieFor ‘massive bargains’ in Longford.This was the only choice for number one, amid stiff competition.*gets coat*Is ‘Knobs & Knockers’ the best shop name in Ireland?>last_img