Google sues the United States for proMicrosoft bias and the future of

first_imgWhich is bigger? Google, Microsoft or the United States Government? Thanks to a lawsuit filed by Google against the United States Government, we’re about to find out.What could have lead Google to sue the United States? According to the lawsuit, Google was denied the chance to host the Department of the Interior’s Document system on Google Docs because they require any winning system to be part of Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite.Google complained about the unfair provision as far back as Spring, writing: “We believe these Microsoft-based requirements would violate the Competition in Contracting Act because they bear no rational relationship to the DOI’s needs, are not written to enhance competition or innovation, and unduly restrict competition.”Google’s got a point, but we somehow doubt that what they are really upset about is losing the contract. What this is about is Google’s head-to-head deathmatch with Microsoft for the future of cloud-computing… an area that both the big G and the big M are extremely interested in for the eyeballs and add dollars implied.In other words, this is a big deal, and just as much about Google trying to knock Microsoft off of a particularly lucrative pedestal as it is about the United States Government being fair in awarding tech contracts. Expect to hear a lot more about this lawsuit — and its repercussions — over the next year.Read more CNetlast_img