FakeTV mimics TV light to deter robbers

first_imgBurglars are less likely to break into a home or apartment to steal items if they believe the resident may be at home. It is for that very reason there are a number of security solutions which allow lights in a home to automatically be turned on and off while the homeowner is away to give the perception people are at home.Unfortunately, if lights are automatically turned on and off according to a strict schedule this can be easily picked up by a robber who has staked out a residence for a few days. That’s probably why many people simply leave their televisions on to give the impression they are home. Of course, leaving a television on wastes power and could reduce the lifespan of your set.That’s why a simpler solution has been created called FakeTV. FakeTV offers the illusion of the scene and color changes, fades and on-screen motion of a television, but only consumes the same amount of power as a night-light. The device is only the size of a coffee cup, but gives out a light output equivalent to a 27in HDTV. The unit turns on via a built-in light sensor and timer.The manufacturer of FakeTV is quick to point out that the device is not just a flickering light or a flasher that emits light randomly. That’s because real TV is not completely random. Television has a specific characteristic in that same way music is not just made up of random sounds. When FakeTV was measured to a real program the similarities were striking. In fact, the program which most closely resembled the output of FakeTV was oddly enough found to be Disney‘s The Incredibles.If you’re looking to pick up FakeTV it will only set you back $34.95, plus $4.95 shipping and handling. Though the device has been available for a couple of years it has recently caught the attention of media sites who view it as a cheap, creative burglar deterrent.Read more at the FakeTV website and press releaselast_img